Because your hiring needs are unique, there can be no "standard" approach to your search assignment.

UNDERSTANDING YOUR NEEDS: The search process begins with a personal meeting with you to fully analyze and understand the nature and scope of the assignment. We are engaged in a personal service business, therefore, we must see your needs through your eyes. From this meeting, we will provide written position requirements which reflect our understanding of the position, reporting relationships, compensation range, educational background, years of experience and other professional qualifications required of the successful candidate.

IDENTIFICATION OF CANDIDATES: We identify potential candidates through a variety of means including industry contacts, research library and a computer database. Additionally, original research is generated to identify new sources that might not have been previously known to us.

SUITABILITY OF CANDIDATES: Once potential candidates have been identified, we qualify and ascertain the suitability of each through telephone conversations with them; only those best qualified and most suitable are personally interviewed.

NARROWING FIELD OF CANDIDATES: After the initial screening process, we will be in contact with you on a regular basis, either by telephone or in person. This provides you with an up-to-date review of any potential candidates being considered for the position. After you indicate those potential candidates whose backgrounds are most attractive to you, then we will proceed to the next step in the recruiting process.

CANDIDATE WRITTEN REPORTS: As a result of personal interviews with potential candidates we will provide a confidential, detailed, written report on each candidate presented.

VALIDATION OF CANDIDATES: For each candidate presented, we verify academic backgrounds and substantiate professional achievements through reference checks.

INTERVIEW SCHEDULING: Throughout the process, including subsequent meetings with you, we manage the logistics. This includes:

* Scheduling of candidate meetings.
* Coordination of flight and related travel arrangements.
* Debriefing of each candidate about his/her reactions to the interviews

OFFER AND ACCEPTANCE: As consultants to you, we will provide advice about all aspects of the total compensation package necessary to attract the successful candidate.

Information supplied will reveal what the marketplace is dictating for a similar position. We will also supply candidates current compensation package and his/her financial expectations in making such a move.

We will assist you and act as liaison to facilitate the negotiation process with the successful candidate.

Although we assist in this process, our primary allegiance is to you, our client.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Confidentiality and discretion is assured throughout each assignment. Depending on the nature of the assignment, we often delay identifying our client for as long as possible; particularly if the assignment is to replace an incumbent.

Confidentiality must also be maintained on behalf of the candidates. This means that no candidate's name should be mentioned to anyone except those executives directly involved in the search process.

FOLLOW-UP: Our involvement and commitment to you continues after the successful candidate has accepted the position.

We assist in the smooth transition of the new employee into your company. Additionally, we maintain contact with you, as well as the new employee, to monitor progress of the relationship and performance

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